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Fuel is SentryFUEL's area of expertise with over 20,000 units sensing, monitoring and metering worldwide. Sentry Telemetry's class-leading sensors and gauges combine with battery powered radio, PSTN, GSM and satellite equipment - all with intrinsic ATEX safety approvals - to provide highly cost-effective solutions. 

Sentry Telemetry was started in 1997 to develop a low cost tank monitoring solution for the British Gas LPG division. Today, if you call into one of the thousands of auto-gas stations in France then it’s likely our equipment will be monitoring the tanks.

Products monitored include:
  • Oil
  • Diesel
  • LPG
  • Waste oils
  • Petrol
  • Lubricants
Collected tank data can be used for fuel ordering, transport distribution and routing optimisation, automated billing and to provide stock control and prevention of illegal filling.

Our SentryDATAplan™ package has been developed with a global IT services provider to enable a combination of financed equipment, web hosting services and support maintenance package that can be wrapped up into a monthly ‘provision of service’ fee.


  • Fuels monitored include oil, diesel, LPG and petrol and also lubricants and waste oils
  • All equipment is ATEX approved for use in hazardous conditions and compliant with the DSEAR and ATEX regulations
  • Monitoring includes tank level and volume, temperature, pressure and flow metering
  • Anti-tamper alarm prevents illegal filling
  • Battery operated with long service life
  • Ease of client installation using factory sealed and tested units, with magnetic key fob activation


  • Above and below ground tanks
  • Multi tank installations
  • Flow metering
  • Metered estate monitoring
  • Pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Overfill warning and leakage detection
  • Low and/or high level alarms
  • Stock inventory
  • Automated billing



SentryDATAnet™ Equipment

We combine in-house devices and sensors with partner’s sensors and instruments to provide an integrated monitoring, control and alarm solution:

  • Communicators
    • SentryRAD
    • SentryGSM2E range
    • SentryGSM3D range
    • SentryPSTN
    • SentryGPRS
    • SentrySAT
  • Gauges and sensors
    • SentryG-LPG
    • SentryG-OIL
    • SentryAMR
  • Fafnir Gmbh instruments

SentryDATAplanTM Services

  • Windows based software package for client integration
  • Secure web hosting data services
  • Provision of data services solution to include telecomms and data management
  • Financed equipment packages


Fully compliant with all relevant pan European legislation

Remote Sensing, Monitoring & Metering

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