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SentryINDUSTRY process monitoring access control data acquisition health and safety

Today, reliable realtime information is the key to efficient business operations, environmental safeguards plus health and safety at work. SentryINDUSTRY specialises in developing remote telemetry, monitoring and metering solutions for factories, process plant, field equipment,  transport and mobile workforce. 

Our extensive range of sensors and communication devices can assist clients, end users and OEM’s in providing:

  • Realtime monitoring
  • Data logging
  • Fault monitoring and alarm
  • Switching and control
  • Consumption pattern identification

Our devices are mains powered, or if unavailable, then we have battery operated solutions with the option of solar panel back up.

Utility meters can be cabled and/or connected by low power radio to a single GSM device that transmits the data to the host PC.

Our SentryDATAplan™ package, developed with a global IT services provider, offers a combination of financed equipment, web hosting services and support maintenance package wrapped up into a monthly 'provision of service' fee.


  • Range of license-exempt low powered radio devices
  • GSM2E and GSM3D devices are compatible with volt free and digital inputs
  • GSM2E are self contained DSEAR and ATEX-compliant devices that can be used in hazardous conditions
  • GSM3D are DIN rail mounted devices for incorporation in MCC’s and equipment
  • Easy to set alarm and action trigger thresholds
  • Mains or battery operated with long service life


  • Level, contents, temperature, pressure, strain etc. monitoring and alarm notification
  • Meter reading & data logging
  • Point of sale and vendor information
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Planned maintenance, inspection records
  • Remote diagnostics & asset tracking


SentryDATAnet™ Equipment

Our devices and sensors combine with partner and end-user equipment to provide an integrated monitoring,  control and alarm solution:

  • Communicators
    • SentryRAD
    • SentryGSM2E range
    • SentryGSM3D range
    • SentryPSTN
    • SentryGPRS
    • SentrySAT
  • Gauges and sensors
    • SentryG-LPG
    • SentryG-OIL
    • SentryWAT
    • SentryAMR
  • Any volt free or pulsed device

SentryDATAplan™ Services

  • Windows based software package for client integration
  • Provision of data services solution to include telecomms, web hosting and data management
  • Financed equipment packages


Fully compliant with all relevant pan European legislation


Remote Sensing, Monitoring & Metering

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