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SentryWATER potable, surface, ground and waste water

The development of standard and custom systems for potable, surface, ground and waste water applications,

SentryWATER builds effective sensing, monitoring and metering solutions utilising proven experience and industry knowledge. One of the specialist market sector businesses within Sentry Telemetry, we handle diverse projects from simple telemetry solutions to complex SCADA systems; our sister company Rockbourne Environmental provides turnkey contracting capability for the water sector.


  • Expert knowledge of the water industry and processes
  • Range of license-exempt, low powered radio devices
  • GSM3D devices are compatible with volt free and digital inputs
  • GSM2E are self contained DSEAR and ATEX-compliant devices that can be used in hazardous conditions
  • GSM3D are DIN rail mounted devices for MCC’s and equipment
  • Mains or battery powered with long service life
  • All data is time stamped


  • Tank, lagoon and reservoir content, level, flow, temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Loss of power, rotation and tilt indication
  • Pollution monitoring and alarm
  • Pump monitoring, switching and control
  • Real time meter reading and data logging

SentryDATAnet™ Equipment

We combine in-house devices and sensors with partner’s sensors and instruments to provide an integrated monitoring, control and alarm solution:

  • Communicators
    • SentryRAD
    • SentryGSM2E range
    • SentryGSM3D range
    • SentryPSTN
    • SentryGPRS
    • SentrySAT
  • Gauges and sensors
    • SentryG-WAT
    • SentryG-OIL
    • SentryAMR
  • Partner manufacturers

SentryDATAplan™ Services

  • Windows based software package for client integration
  • Secure web hosting data services
  • Provision of data services solution to include telecomms and data management
  • Long term technical support


Fully compliant with all relevant pan European legislation

Remote Sensing, Monitoring & Metering

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vl WASP Wireless Acquisition Standard Protocol

Sentry Telemetry is a key member of the water utilities' Wireless Acquisition Standard Protocol WASP development committee, co-ordinated by the UK's Water Research Council plc (WRc).

WASP is the first industry standard protocol for short-range wireless communications to enable interoperability of sensors and equipment from approved manufacturers.

The monitoring system will consist of one or more sensors to monitor key parts of the process or equipment and the sensors will be connected to or be integral with a radio. The sensor radios will communicate with a communications hub installed at the site.

Our radio and GSM products are currently being re-engineered and trialled to ensure WASP complaince, even though the protocols and standards are still at draft stage.

Sentry Telemetry can provide a range of communication equipment, sensors and meter reading devices and is keen to partner with industry-leading instrumentation and equipment manufacturers.