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Reduce the environmental risks

Environmental management is high on today's corporate social responsibility agenda. Sentry Telemetry enables you to Reduce the Risks and Take Control.


sentry telemetry bullet Oil pollution counts for about 25% of UK pollution incidents; 2 litres of oil can cover a lake the size of 2 football pitches!
sentry telemetry bullet Fuel tank monitoring significantly reduces tanker movements and makes a positive contribution to carbon footprint reduction
sentry telemetry bullet The cost of polluted groundwater and soils remediation is already very high and increasing
sentry telemetry bullet Due to contamination issues, many companies now have negative balance sheets in respect of land ownership

We offer a range of effective tools to reduce environmental impact and negate the many associated problems that pollution can cause, such as poor neighbour relations and bad publicity - and the commercial aspects of high clean up costs and increased insurance premiums.

Environmental regulations
ISO 14001, EA, SEPA, PPG3, PPG7, PPG27! We guide companies through the wealth of environmental legislation and documentation and assist them in meeting their environmental responsibilities for:

sentry telemetry bullet The Environment Act
sentry telemetry bullet Pollution Prevention and Control Act
sentry telemetry bullet Control of Pollution (Oil storage) Regs
sentry telemetry bullet Clean Air Act
sentry telemetry bullet Climate Change Regulations
sentry telemetry bullet Control of Major Accidents Hazards
sentry telemetry bullet Water Resources Act
sentry telemetry bullet Control of Noise Act


Take control of your enviromental management

Our Services
We combine expertise in telemetry equipment with in-house environmental professionals to help manage change and continually improve environmental management:

sentry telemetry bullet Consultancy
sentry telemetry bullet Surveys
sentry telemetry bullet Supply equipment
sentry telemetry bullet Installation
sentry telemetry bullet Data services
sentry telemetry bullet O&M
sentry telemetry bullet Expert witness

Typical monitoring applications

sentry telemetry bullet Fuel tanks
sentry telemetry bullet Surface waters
sentry telemetry bullet Underground storage tanks
sentry telemetry bullet Effluents, noise, dust, etc
sentry telemetry bullet Water levels for flood prevention

Sentry DATAnet™
Sentry DATAnet integrates gauges, meters and sensors by radio, telephone, GSM, GPRS or satellite communicators to provide real time monitoring of assets and emissions.

Battery-powered ATEX- and CE-approved SentryGSM2E devices are complemented by SentryGSM3D DIN rail GSM/GPRS modems, alarm units, data loggers and multi-function controllers. These collect inputs and data for transmission to a PC, web server and/or mobile phone, from:

sentry telemetry bullet Fuel gauges sentry telemetry bullet Dust detectors
sentry telemetry bullet Flow meters sentry telemetry bullet Noise monitors
sentry telemetry bullet Level sensors sentry telemetry bullet Bund alarms
sentry telemetry bullet Oil separator indicator sentry telemetry bullet Rotation & movement sensors
Remote Sensing, Monitoring & Metering

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GSM2Battery-powered, Zone 2 ATEX-approved, the SentryGSM2E provides a reliable, low cost solution to remote monitoring, metering and alarm messaging applications in hazardous areas.

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SentryGSM3DAlarmA reliable, low cost DIN Rail mounting solution to many environmental monitoring and alarm applications. This quad band GSM unit monitors 12 I/Os, and sends alarms or action messages via SMS.

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Reduce the risks!
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SentryGSM3DControlNew Fuel & Environmental Monitoring data sheet helps companies reduce their environmental risks and take control of their ISO 14001 compliance. Click here to view the flyer in PDF format.

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