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SentryGSM3DKey building monitoring


SentryGSM3DKey is an advanced, low cost solution for remote gate opening and door access security.

DIN Rail mounting, this industrial quad band GSM device can analyse a mobile phone's CLID (calling Line ID) and allow or deny access based upon it. Simple to use, each mobile number registered within the unit's memory (up to 4000 numbers) becomes a key. As the call is not answered there is no cost to the individual(s) using the system.

Without no need for entry cards, or for expensive remote controls to be issued to workers or relatives, the SentryGSMDKey is the easiest - and probably the cheapest - long-term gate and door access system on the market.

Sentry Telemetry’s Windows-based software provides remote management of multiple sites for heavy users or, for home/light use, the system can be configured from a mobile phone.

Through our in-house application engineering and web hosting services, we can develop custom telemetry and data management solutions.


  • Access programmable via SMS from PC or mobile phone
  • Standard SIM
  • Quad band GSM
  • Relay output
  • Adjustable timer for relay
  • Override input for exit
  • Incoming number echoed out on serial port for data logging
  • Welcome message sent to user when first added, to tell them which number to call for access / gate opening
  • Software available for logging
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Internal/external antenna
  • CD Windows based software
  • OTAP remote provisioning


  • Quad band 850/900/1800/1900
  • 12 or 24 volt DC
  • DIN rails to DIN EN 50 022
  • Polycarb enclosure to UL 94 V.0


  • R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC
  • Low Voltage Directive EN60950
    CE-approved logo CE approved
    WEEE compliant logo WEEE compliant


User Defined Parameters

bullet Add user
bullet Remove user
bullet Text of welcome message
bullet Length of relay pulse


bullet Set up sites and equipment SIMs
bullet Add/remove names/numbers to/from equipment
bullet Remove Numbers from


  • What is the number of CLIDs?
    The device has 1MB of memory, allowing typically 4,000 numbers to be stored.
  • What can we interface with, and is a PC required? 
    The SentryGSM3DKey range has in-built memory and therefore a PC is not required for operation. However if you have to administer many sites and numbers then a PC is advised to simplify the procedure. If you wish to log access events then a PC running suitable software may be connected to the serial port.



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